Potomac Decoy Collectors Association

Call for Nominations

Submit your recommendations for PDCA’s Ralph Campbell Memorial Award

Founding PDCA member Ralph Campbell was a uniquely warm, knowledgeable and generous friend to so many of us in the club and the larger decoy-collecting fraternity.  Beginning in 2009, to keep Ralph’s memory alive and to celebrate the qualities that made him such an effective spokesman for the art and history of the hunting decoy, PDCA began the tradition of bestowing an annual award in his name.  The Ralph Campbell Memorial Award for Goodwill and Ambassadorship in the Decoy Collecting Community recognizes people who share Ralph’s passion for our hobby; his kindness, wit, integrity, and his willingness to share all he knew with friends and newcomers alike.  He had the vision and the commitment to reach out to new generations of carvers and collectors to keep this unique folk-art tradition alive.  PDCA is proud to recognize and honor those who share Ralph’s best traits with a plaque and a financial contribution made in their name to the decoy museum or institution of their choice.  All PDCA members are now invited and encouraged to nominate a person or persons who they feel embody this spirit of ambassadorship.

Nominees should exhibit or embody some combination of the following ideals:

  • Active participant in PDCA and/or other decoy collecting groups;
  • Involvement in decoy collecting and/or decoy-making for 20 years or more;
  • Significant contribution to decoy collecting through leadership of clubs and/or through service to museums and institutions that celebrate decoys;
  • Open and willing to share freely of his/her knowledge of decoys, their history and construction;
  • Adheres to the spirit and principles of PDCA’s Code of Ethics;
  • Contributes to decoy scholarship by writing articles or books on decoy history, collecting or carving – and/or giving lectures, workshops or demonstrations;
  • Represents decoy collecting or carving at the state and/or national level;
  • Actively seeks to recruit new decoy enthusiasts, new members of our club, and grow our hobby;
  • Mentors or has mentored new and younger carvers or collectors;
  • Embodies Ralph Campbell’s spirit of warmth, friendship, humor and humility.

Members in good standing can nominate anyone from the decoy collecting community – they do not have to be PDCA members.  Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis each year until October 15. 

Once someone is nominated, they are nominated in perpetuity – meaning that they will be considered for the award again during each subsequent selection period.  You are welcome to re-nominate the same person again if you wish.

Members can nominate someone by phone, mail or e-mail:

By phone: Tom East – (703) 754-1382 (h) or (703) 866-1735 (w)
By mail: Chris Worch, P.O. Box 2256, Leonardtown, MD 20650
By e-mail: Chad Tragakis – ctragakis@verizon.net

The PDCA awards committee will be tasked with reviewing all nominees and selecting a winner or winners.  Winners will be announced each December, and the award presented at the annual PDCA holiday party in December, or an appropriate time and place as soon thereafter as possible.  The awards committee is chaired by PDCA president emeritus Tom East, and currently includes Larry Myers, Chris Worch, Ray Whetzel, Jim Trimble and Chad Tragakis.  We hope that committee membership will rotate each year, allowing for a constant infusion of new ideas and perspectives.  If you are interested in serving on the awards committee, please contact Tom East or Chad Tragakis.

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